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Recent Training and Events

Active Shooter Prevention Seminar

On March 14th, 2024, A-Train Tactical traveled to Columbia, Maryland to attend an Active Shooter Prevention Seminar hosted by MidPoint Technology Group at their new state-of-the-art facility. Chris Grollnek, the founder of the Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), gave the keynote speech. After lunch, various experts associated with ASPP showcased their products and technology including AI-powered visual gun detection, gunshot detection, security glass laminate, ballistic doors, and more. ASPP leadership presented MidPoint with an award acknowledging their innovation and commitment to excellence. 

ASPP midpoint award2.png


MLA 2023 Annual Conference

A-Train Tactical was invited to facilitate a breakout session during the Michigan Library Association (MLA) 2023 Annual Conference. This year's conference was held at the Radisson in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Our session was titled, "Reimagining your Emergency Action Plan (EAP)." We identified what an EAP is, why you need one, and how these plans can help increase your organization's overall response capabilities. We discussed the correlation between the length of the plan and whether your employees are likely to read and retain the information. We also talked about how pictures, diagrams, and checklists can help transform a boring document into a valuable quick-reference guide. Approximately 60 people participated in the session.The group was energetic and  willing to share some of their real-world experiences.

MLA pic2.png


The Six-Step Plan

Milford Library Pic.png

The Milford Public Library completed the A-Train Tactical comprehensive six-step plan to help their personnel become better prepared for critical incidents. We started with an initial meeting to discuss the concerns of library personnel. Next, we conducted a walkthrough of the facility and prepared a comprehensive Security Assessment and Recommendations Report. Having a detailed report that outlined both best practices and areas for improvement gave us a great starting point to reevaluate the library’s existing emergency plans.  


Working closely with the Library Director, we transformed their existing guidance into an all-hazards Emergency Action Plan (EAP) which now includes a section on responding to Active Threats. Once the staff had an opportunity to review the EAP, we conducted a tabletop exercise to validate the plan. Relying on previous experiences and their EAP, the library staff did an excellent job of using critical thinking skills and teamwork to bring the various scenarios to logical conclusions.


Technology Forum 2023

A-Train Tactical, LLC gave the keynote address at The Library Network (TLN) Tech Forum 2023. The Bloomfield Township Public Library hosted the event and this year’s theme was “Security & AI.” A-Train Tactical presented, “Active Threats & Libraries: Prevention, Response, & Options” on behalf of the Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), LLC.

We touched on key concepts for individuals like maintaining situational awareness and developing a survival mindset. We also touched on how organizations can increase their overall security posture while maintaining an inviting atmosphere by incorporating technology like ballistic protection, security laminates, gun detection, and gunshot detection. ASPP founder Chris Grollnek was visiting in Michigan and participated in the Q&A session. 

Bloomfield Township Library Technology Forum
Ed Monk Active Shooter Training


Last Resort Firearms Training

May 2023 presented an opportunity to attend two separate training sessions taught by Lieutenant Colonel, US Army (Retired) Ed Monk. One session, "A Study of the Active Shooter & How to Minimize Victims" was developed for the public, " and the second session, "Critical Law Enforcement Lessons-Learned from Active Shooter Attack" was developed for law enforcement officers, Mr. Monk is very knowledgeable and he provided detailed recaps of multiple active shooter incidents, best practices, and lessons learned. Ed focuses on the first 30 seconds of response and ways to help minimize the number of victims. I believe this is a very important topic for when prevention fails.


ISC West 2023

In March 2023, leaders from the Active Shooter Prevention Project (ASPP), LLC met in Las Vegas to participate in training and attend the International Security Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas.  With over 30,000 security professionals, ISC West is the largest security industry trade show in the United States.

ISC West 2023 Las Vegas ASPP


Refresher Training

Lyon Township Public Library Training 2023

A-Train Tactical was invited back to the Lyon Township Public Library (LTPL) in 2023 to conduct refresher training for the library staff. We worked with the Library Director to conduct a thorough review their Emergency Action Plan (EAP). A new scenario for a tabletop exercise (TTX) was developed to allow library personnel an opportunity to validate their existing plan while testing their ability to recall what options they may have during an Active Shooter incident and what factors may help them make their decision on how to react. 

Lyon Township Public Library 2022


Local Library Ahead of the Curve

Providing Active Threat Awareness Training for the staff at the Lyon Township Public Library (LTPL) was a great experience. The Library Director played an instrumental role in helping develop an all-hazards Emergency Action Plan (EAP). Once the staff had an opportunity to review the EAP, a site-specific tabletop exercise (TTX) was designed using their library as the backdrop for the exercise. This discussion-based exercise allowed the participants to better visualize what their options would be during the scenario. The participants utilized critical thinking skills and teamwork to bring the scenario to a logical conclusion. 

Take action, be ​prepared. TM

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